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News: June 2015 – SRIA to Cut Lease Fees 50%

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Santa Rosa Dunes, Owner’s Association operates under it’s Bylaws and the Florida Condominium Statutes.  The owners elect a board of directors to oversee the proper operation of the association.  Day-to-day operations are handled by an on-site manager and additional staff is hired as necessary by the board.  Committees are appointed by the Association president as necessary.  This web site is offered to provide information and assistance to the owners and their guests in the use and enjoyment of the facilities.

Santa Rosa Dunes, Owner’s Association does not rent, sell or act as an agent for any owner members or their units.  All units are individually owned and owners who rent, lease, loan or otherwise offer units for use or sale, do so as their own agent.

All questions or concerns relating to the management or operations of Santa Rosa Dunes should be directed to the manager, Denise Abbott:

850-393-6754 |