Randy Bell     President   Term Expires 2017
  Al Bartholomew   V - President   Term Expires 2017
  L. N. Coxe, Jr.   Secretary    Term Expires 2016
  Burt Snooks   Treasurer   Term Expires 2016
  Troy Rondot   Director   Term Expires 2016
  Sheri Pope   Director   Term Expires 2016

The Board of Directors are elected by the membership in March of each year at the annual meeting. The position is a two-year term.  Board Meetings are open and owners are encouraged to attend

The Board usually meets bi-monthly on the second Saturday.  Meeting time, place and agenda may occassionally vary from the published schedule due to unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.  The official meeting time, place and agenda will be posted at least two weeks prior to meetings in the Association office and updated on the website as soon as possible. 

Committees meet as necessary.  Owners should contact the manager or committee chair if issues need to be brought before a committee for review, or if they have ideas or suggestions for consideration.

SRD Board of Directors and Appointed Committees
Updated May 20, 2015








Board of Directors



Appointed Committees

Building & Grounds  -- Al, Bartholomew (Chair), L.N. Coxe, Randy Bell, Burt Snooks, Troy Rondot

Finance -- Burt Snooks (Chair), L.N. Coxe, Sheri Pope

Security --  Randy Bell (Chair), Al Bartholomew 

Emergency Management -- Troy Rondot (Chair), Denise Abbott, L.N. Coxe,  Randy Bell, Bert Snooks  

Insurance - L.N. Coxe (Chair), Sheri Pope

Greviance -- Al Bartholomew (Chair),  
Troy Rondot, Bert Snooks

Records and Regulations --  Randy Bell (Chair)  Al Bartholomew

Legal -- Al Bartholomew (Liaison)